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ACC Roundup

Well a mini pandemic-limited roundup anyway

Carrier Dome exterior on the campus of Syracuse University...
It is large, but this is one big, unattractive building.
Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

Some ACC notes: first, Boston College forward - make that former Boston College forward Jarius Hamilton - has transferred to Maryland. We’re not sure what that does to Maryland’s roster number but Alex O’ Connell was or is considering the Terps, so that may not help him if he is serious about Maryland for some reason.

You wouldn’t want to do it the same way probably, but the NCAA has certified that Georgia Tech missed the post-season and therefore has completed that aspect of its probation.

Can you believe it? What a break for the Yellow Jackets. Not only were they not good enough to even go this year, no one else did either. You just can’t beat that for a probation.

Speaking of Techs, Virginia Tech picked up a useful transfer when K-State grad (to be) Carter Diarra picked the Hokies. A 6-4 guard, he should help especially on defense. He has put his name in the NBA Draft but he’s not been mentioned prominently as an NBA player so he will most likely be in Blacksburg next fall.

The Corona virus is messing everything up which of course is far less important than the thousands of souls lost, but all kinds of problems are rippling out from it. Take the Carrier Dome.

The renovation is underway as you can see here, but the pandemic may push construction back as it’s not seen as a critical project.

Town and gown are appealing to Albany to let construction proceed but it might be a hard sell right now. If it falls behind, the Orange might have to schedule some games somewhere else. Easy enough for basketball but football?

Update: Syracuse (the university) says construction will proceed. It’s not totally clear that the state is on board with that but the argument is that it is unsafe as it is currently and dangerous. Stay tuned.

By the way when you watch the video linked above, take a look at the inside when the roof is all the way deflated. When they finish the roof they might consider modernizing the inside because it looks pretty hideous.