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You Tube Gold: How To Distill Water At Home

A handy tip for a tough time

Distilling water Staff Photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

With everyone stuck at home and trying to not go out at all if possible, we know that some of you are going to need distilled water. Worse, it’s one of those things that may be in short supply. So what to do?

Well, as it so often does, You Tube comes through with a life hack. So here are basic directions to distilling water at home. We’d just say to watch carefully and to try to follow the instructions to a T if you choose to try this. and we’re also going to list some other videos so that you have a wide variety of sources. And since distilled water is used generally for health purposes, we really urge you to do your research before trying any of this. Ideally you’ll be able to get it and you should probably look at this as an emergency back up.

That said, an emergency back up is a nice thing to have.