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DBR Podcast #189 - GTHCGTH - Mission Accomplished

Duke put Carolina in a dark and deeply depressing corner of Hell Saturday night.

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina
Feb 8, 2020; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Alex O’Connell (15) reacts after the game at Dean E. Smith Center. 
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the Post-Carolina DBR Podcast. C’mon in, this is going to be fun!

  • 0:00 Devil With a Blue Dress
  • 0:30 Wow… the only way to start this conversation is with a loud WOW!
  • 3:30 Sam’s watch story - he was at the UNC game and gives us a sense of the amazing moments inside the Dean Dome
  • 7:10 Donald’s watch story – he was in a bar with strangers staring at him
  • 9:00 Jason’s watch story – it goes late late late into the night
  • 10:50 Harry Giles and Jabari Parker’s watch story
  • 12:00 Sam tells us why he wasn’t all that worried when we were down
  • 14:15 Lets talk about Roy’s decision-making down the stretch and Tre’s crazy intentional FT miss
  • 19:55 Time to discuss the many ways Wendell Moore won this game for Duke
  • 24:30 Jason wants to talk about UNC… the team we saw on Saturday versus the team they have been all year
  • 27:20 Reality check – Duke had a pair of poor games this week
  • 29:40 We love Byrd Campbell and we must say goodbye to them
  • 31:30 A preview of the huge game against Florida State
  • 39:20 The NCAA puts out their preliminary seeds, Duke is a #2 in the East. We discuss.
  • 47:40 A quick sidebar on TV Teddy, who was just ridiculous last night
  • 50:00 Player of the week, we all love us some Tre Stones
  • 51:35 Good bye and Duke band