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You Tube Gold: The Greatest Duke-UNC Buzzer Beater Of All

And it’s ours

Duke v North Carolina
Tyler Zeller, about to get permanently humiliated by Austin Rivers

With Duke-UNC on tap for Saturday night, what better way to get ready than to relive the single greatest winning buzzer beater in the history of the rivalry?

We refer of course to the stunning shot that Austin Rivers hit in Chapel Hill in 2012.

A freshman, he waved everyone off and squared up behind the line with 7-0 Tyler Zeller guarding him.

Down two, he rocked back and forth between driving and a long shot and got Zeller off balance then hit an amazing shot to clinch the win.

It followed a brilliant Duke comeback which saw the Blue Devils make up 10 points in two minutes.

Bonus: The Daily Tar Heel picked this game to do a documentary on the rivalry. It started with a relatively happy bunch of Tar Heels and ended in a Franklin Street bar with the assembled briefly unable to comprehend that Rivers had just gutted them.

We seem to remember someone saying “what just happened” and then someone else ordering the camera to be turned off.

It’d be a nice thing to dig up but our guess is that it’s long buried.