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The Duke-UNC Jerseys For Saturday Are Not Going Over Well


NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina
Mar 9, 2019; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Tre Jones (3) passes the ball as North Carolina Tar Heels guard Kenny Williams (24) defends in the first half at Dean E. Smith Center.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Apple and Jony Ive parted ways recently and while a lot of people lamented the departure of the famed designer our thought was that maybe it’s not so bad. Ives is almost certainly the guy who puts thinness ahead of everything. Maybe if that’s not the focus some things might improve like, say, BATTERY LIFE.

Whatever happens, the design sense will certainly change, if only slightly.

In the era of frequently redesigned Nike jerseys, Duke and UNC have both had some hits and misses. Duke tried the epaulet jerseys in 1994-95. That year was a disaster and no one wanted a reminder.

Duke also tried a green jersey for one game for an environmental theme; it lasted until halftime.

Some have gone over great though. The black uniforms have really won people over and the recent brotherhood jersey is popular too.

At UNC, Alexander Julian hit home run when he redesigned the old UNC look. You can hate UNC all you want, but the Julian jerseys are tremendous. That’s one of the best collegiate designs ever.

However, UNC has done the Nike rent-a-uni thing too, most notably when they collapsed in the early 2000s wearing the interlocking block letter UNC jerseys.

So given that history, it’s unclear why they’d wear anything like that again.

Well they are and what’s more, so is Duke: the Blue Devils will just have a great big D on their chests Saturday.

Duke’s looks slightly better if only because the dark blue sets off the big D more clearly.

They haven’t gone over very well so far. On Twitter, people are baffled or annoyed.

On the bright side, Duke can look to theirs for a subtle reminder to play defense.

And UNC’s?

NC stands for No Classes of course. Can’t paper that over. Bada bing! Ladies and gents, we’re here all week.