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Duke Football: Chase Brice Will Be A Blue Devil

A great pickup for David Cutcliffe and the Blue Devils

NCAA Football: Charlotte at Clemson
 Sep 21, 2019; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers quarterback Chase Brice (7) waits for the snap during the second quarter against the Charlotte 49ers at Clemson Memorial Stadium. 
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Duke football got some major news Sunday as Clemson QB Chase Brice committed to the Blue Devils, giving Duke a quarterback who may be able to step directly in to the lineup.

He won't be given the job automatically - Chris Katrenick, a redshirt junior, and Gunnar Holmberg, redshirt freshman will want the job too, and don’t you love the idea of a quarterback named Gunnar?

However you look at it though, getting Brice with two years left is really good for Duke. At an absolute minimum, depth is improved. Our suspicion though is that he’ll offer much more than depth. And of course he’ll benefit from working with David Cutcliffe, who has quite a track record with quarterbacks.