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A Daily Feather For Line Up Analysis

A really interesting point here

The 10th annual Colfax Marathon and Half Marathon which started and ended in City Park in Denver, Colorado. Photo By Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post

Here’s a Daily Feather for scottdude8 for this interesting breakdown of lineups Duke has used so far. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m not sure this has gotten the amount of attention it deserves, but here it is: Duke has used eleven unique starting lineups this season. Eight of those, including the one that debuted last night, were used for only a single game. The most common, a lineup of Jones/Goldwire/Stanley/Hurt/Carey, has been used in eight games (two of which were losses).“

To read the whole post head over to the boards and check it out there. And there’s more where that came from too!

The Daily Feather is awarded to outstanding posts on our board. It’s named for late DBR contributor and legendary ACC journalist Al Featherston, who also read and contributed to the boards on a regular basis for many years and who is deeply missed by the DBR community.