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You Tube Gold: A Great Moment In Wake Forest Basketball History

Randolph Childress was a stone cold killer

Randolph Childress
Randolph Childress as a Demon Deacon

In 1995, Duke was suffering through the year Coach K had to sit out for his health and fell to the bottom of the standings.

Wake Forest meanwhile rose to the top. With guys like Tim Duncan and a guard we like to call He Who Must Not Be Named for how he traumatized Duke, the Demon Deacons were very, very hard to beat.

We refer of course to the brilliant Randolph Childress and he was never better than during the 1995 ACC Tournament.

One of his greatest moments came in that tournament against UNC’s Jeff McInnis. The young guard from Charlotte was trying to guard Childress when he was at his absolute hottest and Childress put a move - and taunt - on him that people still talk about.

He crossed him over out near the three point line and McInnis fell to the ground. Momentarily unguarded, McInnis shifted over to his spot, then waved at McInnis to get up! See if you can stop me!

It was a fabulous moment. Naturally he hit the shot.

It was an incredible tournament for Childress and in that moment, he briefly encapsulate all the arrogance that great shooter felt that weekend.

No one could stop him. It remains one of the tournaments great runs and the taunt of the fallen McInnis the defining image of Randolph Childress’s brilliant career.