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A Rare Double Daily Feather

Good stuff leading up to tonight’s FSU game

The 10th annual Colfax Marathon and Half Marathon which started and ended in City Park in Denver, Colorado. Photo By Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post

Two Daily Feathers for these FSU previews:

the first is from DavidBenAkiva and the second is this thread of good stuff.

An excerpt from DavidBenAkiva: “In the 11-man rotation, 2 players see the court most of the game. SR PG Trent Forrest (6’4”) is the primary distributor for FSU. He’s a steady presence at guard. While he is the second leading scorer on the team (11.3 points per game), he hangs his hat more on the defensive side of the court. Forrest has never found that shooting touch, where he has yet to crack to the 30% mark on 3-point shots in his career. In the 2 matchups against Duke last year, Forrest failed to crack the 10-point mark even though he was on the court about 30 minutes. Getting around him on offense is a bigger concern. The leading scorer for FSU this year is SO G/F Devin Vassell (6’6”). He can really shoot the ball and is having a breakout year as a two-way player. He chips in shooting (41.9% from 3) as well as attacking the rim on closeouts. And he is a pest on defense, racking up more than his share of steals and blocks. Vassell has been showing up on several mock drafts for the NBA as the season has progressed. Forest and Vassell will get backup minutes from SO G/F Anthony Polite (6’6”), JR G RayQuan Evans (6’4”), and JR G Nathaneal Jack (6’5”), all of whom will chip in for a few points here and there.“

To read all of it check the boards.