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What Bobby Hurley Wants In A Point Guard

Not what you might think

NCAA Basketball: Houston Baptist at Arizona State
Nov 29, 2020; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils head coach Bobby Hurley talks with guard Remy Martin (1) during the first half against the Houston Baptist Huskies at Desert Financial Arena (Tempe). 
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We missed this on Thursday but it’s still worth linking to: it’s an article on Duke great Bobby Hurley, now the head coach at Arizona State, and understandably, given his history, he is pretty specific about what he looks for in a point guard. It’s just that it’s not him he’s looking for: “I think that I look for a guy that’s a little different than me. You would think that I would try and find myself again. But I kind of look for someone that is a little more explosive, has a little more athleticism, and then can we teach a little bit? Can we refine a little bit through watching film, just through how we drill and how we play?

“So, I kind of look for a guy that has a little more upside than I had. I, kind of, maybe maxed out my talent and I try and find a little bit more of a dynamic point guard.”

He kind of undersells himself here. He’s correct in his assessment of his physical talent. There were plenty of guys who had more talent than Bobby Hurley but he surpassed all of them in college. The auto accident he suffered as a rookie meant that we’ll never know how good he might have been but Michael Jordan, for one, liked his game.

In a perfect world, what Hurley would like would be a more talented version of himself. We can promise you that nothing would make him sicker quicker than a talented player who won't compete because Hurley never, ever quit.