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A Look At Vernon Carey, The Newest Charlotte Hornet

And check out the new physique

Charlotte Hornets Draft Picks
CHARLOTTE, NC- NOVEMBER 20: Vernon Carey Jr.#22 of the Charlotte Hornets poses for a portrait during a draft presser at the Spectrum Center on November 20 in Charlotte, North Carolina and also shows off his impressive weight loss
Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

As we know, former Blue Devil Vernon Carey signed an intriguing contract with the Charlotte Hornets. A four year-deal for a second-round pick isn’t something you see every day (or year).

This article from talks about how the Hornets might use Carey.

Having lost more than 30 pounds, Carey is going to be a different sort of player that we saw at Duke.

Well different might not be the right word but at Duke he was a power player and asked to play inside, something he learned in under a year since he hadn’t been coached to play inside previously.

Charlotte is going to get a much more mobile player than we saw at Duke. His vertical might be better and he should be able to run without wearing down. The weight loss also shows a high level of commitment.

So why didn’t he do it at Duke? They might have preferred him to be more of a power player or maybe he just didn’t feel the need to lose a lot.

It wouldn’t be the first time. When Kyle Singler was at Duke, he had to play in the post as a freshman because no one else could do it. Later in his career, he lost an insane amount of weight to function as a third guard because Duke only had a couple one year. Both transformations were incredible.

We’re surprised though that people keep whiffing on this point: “Please disregard ESPN’s Bobby Marks referring to Vernon as a “power forward,” implying that position even exists in the modern NBA. That man is a center; developing his skills on the perimeter is going to be a main focus for Vernon as a young player.“

True about the power forward business but if Carey had to learn the post because he’d been playing the perimeter, doesn't that kind of suggest he already has perimeter skills?

No one seems to catch this.