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Duke Women’s Basketball On Pause

As Covid shows up for the first time

Kara Lawson and Lindsey Harding fight for a ball
Kara Lawson as a Tennessee Volunteer fights Duke’s Lindsey Harding for the ball

Covid has had its first serious affect on Duke athletics: two players on the women’s basketball team are infected.

Consequently, the Blue Devils have put the program on pause.

The Duke Chronicle suggests that the virus was transmitted during the Louisville game since the Cardinals have had a positive test as well and that’s very possible.

However, it’s also possible that it could have happened just about anywhere. That’s the maddening thing about virii - you can certainly get a sense of where they are surging or fading but it’s impossible to detect them except in very limited circumstances.

The good news is that the vaccine is on the way. And Pfizer has realized it can get more doses out of the existing stock so we have 40 percent more Thursday than we did on Wednesday.

So the vast project of inoculation just picked up a great deal of steam.