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You Tube Gold: When Carlos Boozer Rented His House To Prince

This is a great story from Carlos Boozer about the late Prince Rogers Nelson

USC Trojans vs Duke University Blue Devils
Carlos Boozer #4, Center for the Duke University Blue Devils during the NCAA John R. Wooden Classic college basketball game against the University of Southern California USC Trojans on 27th November 1999 at the Arrowhead Pond Arena in Anaheim, California, United States. The Blue Devils won the game 81 - 68.
Photo by Tom Hauck/Allsport/Getty Images

We linked to a story about this a while back but this clip of Carlos Boozer talking to Dan Patrick about the time he rented his LA mansion to Prince.

Yes, that Prince.

Prince wanted the house and was willing to pay $1 million to live there for a year. Boozer had just bought it, his then-wife had spent a lot of time and money decorating it, but he was working for the Utah Jazz and didn’t need to live in it, so $1 million? You bet!

So when he came back, the house was changed. Prince had put this on his gates and the carpets had been pulled up and replaced (naturally) with purple and black.

The entire house had been remodeled. One room had become a hair salon. Another was a massage room. He had even put a dance floor in another.

Boozer understandably was not happy and tried to reach the star, who was overseas.

You can watch for the whole story but the quote we love, which is not here but in another story we can’t find now was this: “that little man is cool as hell.”

They ended up being pretty good friends. Great story.