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You Tube Gold: Duke-Army 1954

Old-school football

Football Match
Football match between Duke Blue Devils and George Tech Yellow Jackets in Durham, North Carolina, November 1952
Photo by Mark Kauffman/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Since there’s no football for Duke Saturday, we thought we’d look back at some old-school Blue Devils football, specifically some video from a 1954 game with Army.

The world was very different in 1954. West Point’s integration was surely imperfect, but the first Black cadet was in 1877. In 1954, Duke was still several years away from integrating and its football team was entirely white, as was its coaching staff.

Liberal substitution was also several years away so the specialization we’ve all grown up with or a least accustomed to wasn’t a part of football yet.

The head coach was Bill Murray, who came from Delaware and led Duke to an 8-2-1 record in 1954.

Army was 7-2 and still very relevant in college football. They came to Duke to play in what was then called Duke Stadium.

Led by Red Blaik, Army finished 7th in the AP Poll and won their game in Durham, 28-14.