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You Tube Gold: Duke-DePaul In The 1986 Sweet Sixteen

The Blue Devils vs. the Blue Demons

Duke University Blue Devils Men’s Basketball
Mark Alarie and the Blue Devils had a tough game with DePaul in the 1986 Sweet Sixteen

By 1986, Duke had become a powerful program and entered the NCAA tournament with just two losses.

On the way to Mike Krzyzewski’s first Final Four, Duke would have some interesting opponents, not least of all DePaul.

A native of Chicago like Coach K, Meyer took over the DePaul program 1984 after his legendary father Ray retired and did okay for a while.

His 1986 team faced Duke in 1986 and gave Duke a very credible game, losing by just 74-67.

The next year was his high-water mark, finishing at 28-3.

DePaul was an independent until that became unfeasible. His Great Midwest teams were average, when the Blue Demons joined the C-USA, the wheels fell off. His final season, DePaul finished just 3-23 and the school parted with the Meyers after 55 years.

In 1991, Meyer was one of very few people who would go on record favoring Duke over UNLV in the Final Four rematch after Vegas beat Duke by 33 the year before. He’s stayed around the game and his son, Brian, is a scout for the Chicago Bulls.