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Check Out This Michael Savarino Profile

Normal walk-ons don’t normally get big roles but Savarino is in a slightly different category.

Duke coach Mike Krzwzewski and his grandsons Michael Savarino (age 8-left) and Joey Savarino (age 9) watch the Blue Devils cut down the nets after capturing the ACC tournament championship against Florida State at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, March 15, 2009.
Photo by Robert Willett/Raleigh News & Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Duke Chronicle has a player preview up on walk-on Michael Savarino.

The immediate thing that people think about with Savarino is his family: his mother is Debbie Krzyzewski Savarino which of course means his coach is his grandfather, Coach K. No one else is going to call Coach K Poppy - and Savarino probably won’t do it unless it’s away from the court and his teammates.

Can he build a bigger role than a normal walk-on?

If he’s looking for a nearby example he has only to look to Justin Robinson. He came to Duke as a preferred walk-on and everyone quickly realized that the Admiral’s kid is, well, very admirable.

He played rarely until his senior year but his impact on the team was undeniable.

Savarino is a skilled shooter but he’s smallish at 6-0 and not overly athletic. That’s not a great formula for success. Steve Kerr made it work with the Bulls but he’s a great exception and three inches taller.

It’s also possible that he could be a unique conduit to the team with his family ties but that doesn't seem very likely. It’s just as likely that his teammates would have conflicting feelings about him.

So the most likely role for Savarino is that of a normal walk-on. However, as Robinson proved, a walk-on does not have to be normal.

We don't remember where we saw this but here’s a funny story about when Coach K’s first grandchild was born. We don’t remember for sure but we think it was his brother Joey.

In his first meeting with his team after the birth, Krzyzewski walked in and announced “the first one of you who calls me grandpa is gonna get kicked in the nuts.”