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A Great Zion Williamson Read

Well worth your time

San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Pelicans
 Orlando, FL - AUGUST 9: Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans handles the ball against the San Antonio Spurs on August 9, 2020 at The Field House at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. 
Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

When Zion Williamson left the NBA bubble to go home for a family emergency, no one knew what was going on, and when he came back, he took a lot of criticism for not playing as well as people thought he should.

We don’t know anymore than anyone else does, but we had an idea about it that might be right or wrong.

It’s just an idea, no proof or anything. But here it is:

Whatever happened at home, what if Zion’s less than stellar play was due to emotions rather than conditioning?

Let’s just follow that idea a bit further and imagine - we have no basis for this, it’s just a way to illustrate a point - but imagine that the medical emergency involved his little brother Noah?

Zion loves his parents but from all accounts he just dotes on Noah.

That would gut anyone and especially a guy like Williamson, who is very family oriented and more sensitive than most people might think.

Anyway, there’s a really long and well done piece on Williamson in Men’s Health. The story is really good - exceptional in many places - but the pictures show a guy who is transforming his body. In high school he was pudgy. At Duke he was thick.


He looks about as lean as a guy with his body type can possibly look. Whenever the NBA starts back up, he should be ready.