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You Tube Gold: Duke-Indiana 2017

A solid game from the ACC-Big Ten Challenge

Duke v Indiana
BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 29: Marvin Bagley III #35 of the Duke Blue Devils handles the ball during a game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Assembly Hall on November 29, 2017 in Bloomington, Indiana. Duke won 91-81.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We have the greatest respect for Indiana Hoosiers basketball as well as basketball in the state of Indiana.

It brought us Everett Case and Vic Bubas after all and transplanted fast break basketball and a love of the game in this state that has never lessened.

And we have a real fondness for the people there. Just a great state.

Duke has played IU a couple of times in recent years and it just seems like a natural and desirable rivalry. It’d be better if Indiana was fully back of course, but it’s not. The basketball program has not recovered from the ugly break up with Bob Knight.

We’d like to see the program powerful again. It’s just one of those things, like Alabama football. You want it to be good.

Former NC State star Archie Miller showed immense promise at Dayton and we assume he’ll get things turned around in Bloomington. He took over in 2017, the year this game was played, and Duke just had too much talent to overcome.

Still, the final score was just 91-81. You get a feeling that program is gearing back up and we hope that Indiana is on the schedule from time to time.