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You Tube Gold: Jay Bilas And Jalen Rose On Duke And Coach K

Fun stuff from the ESPN duo

Jay Bilas and Jalen Rose on ESPN GameDay
 ESPN College GameDay hosts from left, Rece Davis, Jalen Rose, Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas put on their show at the Breslin Center before the Michigan State vs. Michigan game. 
Robert Killips/Lansing State Journal

In this clip, Jay Bilas and Jalen Rose swap Duke stories.

Bilas talks about why he picked Duke when Coach K was not just losing but on the verge of losing his job. He talks about how much he liked Mike Krzyzewski and that he probably would have signed wherever Coach K was coaching.

He was just totally sold on his soon-to-be-coach.

For his part, Rose talked about being 10 years old and noticing that, like him, Johnny Dawkins was a left-handed player so he naturally appreciated him.

Bilas countered by recalling that Rose came to Duke and Bilas, then part of the radio crew, went to the “crummy visitor’s locker room” to interview him.

When he finished, Bob Harris, with his usual wit and flair, teased them kindly saying “there’s two future broadcasters.”

Both of them went on to highly successful broadcast careers with Bilas in particular excelling not just as a generic TV guy but someone who poses tough questions and who has, we think substantially changed the national discussion about what the NCAA is and what it really should be.