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You Tube Gold: Coach K Meets Metallica

A classic Krzyzewski commercial

Army Black Knights
WEST POINT, NY - 1966: Mike Krzyzewski #12 of the Army Black Knights poses with head coach Bobby Knight circa 1966 in West Point, New York, right after someone told them that in 2009 they’d make a commercial with a thrash metal band.
Photo by Army/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Guitar Heroes came and went about as fast as a late night Rick Pitino date, but it had its day and a lot of people really seemed to enjoy the game.

They were smart advertisers too.

Their best, or at least funniest ad was with four college coaches - Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, Bob Knight and Mike Krzyzewski.

They come sliding in one at a time with guitar hero equipment, Coach K first, then Pitino, then Williams and finally Knight as the lead singer (of course he’s the lead singer. He couldn’t play second banana even in a commercial) and start, uh, playing.

Air guitar is one thing but Pitino attacks his pseudo drums like a five-year old having a tantrum.

Awaiting them are the fine gentlemen from the band Metallica, who say that now there’s Guitar Hero Metallica and when Knight says “so?” answers “so that means you’re going to have to put on some pants, pops,” with predictable results.

To his credit, Knight has never been afraid to make fun of himself and he does a splendid job of it here. Too bad there wasn’t a trash can available.