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Comcast, ACCN Still At Odds

So customers are making decisions accordingly

CHARLOTTE, NC - JULY 18: ACC Commissioner John Swofford announces the new trademark for the partnership between the ACC Network and ESPN at the the ACC Football Kickoff on July 18, 2018, at The Westin Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.
Photo by Jay Anderson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Remember when the ACC Network kicked off last year to great fanfare and signed with a lot of carriers - but not Comcast, now apparently called Comcast Xfinity?

Yeah about that...

Still hasn’t happened and some fans are getting fed up with Comcast. To which we can only say: what took you so long?

Comcast has never been in the Triangle market but it’s long been famous (or infamous) for horrible customer service. We don't know if things have improved but for years, Comcast was consistently listed as one of the worst companies for customer service.

Apparently for some Virginia fans, the lack of access, coupled perhaps with the disastrous customer service, has been enough to prompt an exit.


Okay, maybe not.

Anyway, people are leaving in undetermined numbers with the ACC egging them on.

And the good news now is that there's not really any reason to stick with any particular carrier or provider. You have options now.