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DBR Podcast, Episode 241: Matthew Hurt Interview, Best Duke Player Of All Time

Which player did we pick?

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We have a nice discussion on a popular debate on this 241st episode of the DBR Podcast! We start off with excerpts from the media availability with Matthew Hurt. Hurt answers questions on how he gained some muscle in the offseason, what he thinks it will do for his game, and his ability to be able to be versatile on both offense and defense on a deep Duke Blue Devils team. We then shift gears to recap Duke Football‘s loss to the NC State Wolfpack over the weekend.

After the break, we read a review from listener Stormrunner107, who asks us a very deep question: who is the best Duke player of all time? We discuss our picks and why those players are the best Duke players to ever put on the school’s uniform.

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