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Basketball And Beyond Returns

As Coach K’s radio show enters its 16th season

World Basketball Festival
NEW YORK CITY, NY - AUGUST 12: Head coach of USAB Mike Krzyzewski is interviewed during the World Basketball Festival Community Morning at Radio City Music Hall on August 12, 2010 in New York, New York.
Photo by Marc Lecureuil/Getty Images for Nike

Mike Krzyzewski is a man of many talents and one that doesn’t get discussed often is his ability to organize.

We’ve said before that we believe that his ability to structure his program so well is why Duke is always ahead of opponents early in the season and part of the reason why he consistently wins 27-30 games a year.

It’s also why he could run two programs at once while he was coaching the national team and also why he can run his radio program, Basketball and Beyond, during the season.

This year’s season - the show airs on SiriusXM - starts on Thursday, according to this article and it’s always worth a listen.

Krzyzewski is a brilliant basketball coach to be sure, but he has a lot to say on various things and this format allows him to do it. Sports guests are a major feature but he also will have Dr. Anthony Fauci on as well, among others.

Here’s something we’ve been pondering lately: as podcasting matures as an art and business, market forces are leading to networks. We’re seeing major enterprises form at companies like Amazon, iHeart and most of all Spotify, which recently signed Joe Rogan to a more than $100 million contract (this is frustrating because soon we’re going to be faced with the prospect of having multiple podcast apps to keep up with).

Years ago now George Gilder talked about an inversion, where things that were previously wired, like phones, became untethered, and things that weren’t, like radio, moved from broadcast to online.

That sure seems to be happening with radio. Obviously iHeart is a major player there and is now broadcasting podcasts at night and moving radio shows to streaming. At the same time, local radio is really falling off.

We wonder what the effect will be on satellite radio. SiriusXM could move online but would probably not be as lucrative.

However, with big money chasing talent, the host-based shows may move to podcasts whether SiriusXM moves or not.