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Coach K Goes On JJ Redick’s Podcast

This is going to be good

NCAA Men’s Basketball - Miami vs Duke - February 19, 2006
Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski (right) directs J.J. Redick (left) during the Blue Devils 92-71 win over Miami Sunday, February 19, 2006, at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, N.C.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/WireImage

We haven’t listened to this yet but we’re sure as hell going to: Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski went on JJ Redick’s podcast.

For those who may not have listened, Redick is a tremendous interviewer. He’s curious and intelligent and he gets a wide range of guests. It’s not quite as eclectic as Joe Rogan and there’s no advocacy of hallucinogenics, but both guys are curious and that takes them a long ways.

Usually when Coach K is relaxed and in a good mood, there are a few things he’ll do. One is we’re pretty sure he’ll ride Redick pretty good before he tells him how much he respects him (he likes to say that he learned needling in the military).

One of the great stories of Redick’s time at Duke is coming into Coach K’s office after his sophomore year and Krzyzewski telling him that he “didn’t deserve” to win a national championship because he wasn’t sufficiently committed.

He didn’t win a championship after that conversation but he was certainly deserving of one.

By the way, Redick changed his podcast in late July. It was formerly the JJ Redick Podcast. Now, in a nod both to Ernest Hemingway and his NBA longevity it’s called The Old Man and the Three.