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New Duke Coach Kara Lawson Sounds Ready For Some Basketball

As are we all

Syndication: Knoxville
University of Tennessee Trustee Kara Lawson during the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees meeting held at the UT Conference Center in downtown Knoxville on Friday, June 21, 2019
Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel

It seems longer than it really is but Kara Lawson was hired in early July, about 13 weeks ago.

And as much as we’ve enjoyed the rollout - the reactions to her hiring were incredible and very encouraging - the pandemic has made it hard to get a better sense. Like new Wake Forest coach Steve Forbes, she hasn’t been able to do the normal meet-and-greets and media has been limited to Zoom fests.

Practice starts on Wednesday and we will start to get a much better sense of where she’s taking us.

She seems excited too, telling the Duke Chronicle that “[this is what we’ve been waiting for, what we’ve been pointing towards,” said Lawson on starting practice Wednesday. ”Since we got the job, our staff and players are excited to now not have any restrictions, to be able to be around each other, be able to have longer sessions, be able to put in that work and to inch ever so closer to the first game.”

This season might be tough, given the lack of experience and depth, but regardless of the record, we’ll still learn a lot about her strengths and weaknesses.