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You Tube Gold: Former Duke Players Have Fun With Coach K

A bit of laughter at Coach K’s expense

USA Senior Men’s National Team v China Men’s National Team
GUANGZHOU, CHINA - AUGUST 7: Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski of the USA Senior Men’s National Basketball Team with Elton Brand talk to the media after their game against the China Men’s National Team on August 7, 2006 at the Guangzhou Gymnasium in Guangzhou, China.
Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Here’s a pretty funny clip of former Duke players with memories of Coach K.

Really it’s more or less a floating roast with guys like Trajan Langdon, Mark Alarie, Kenny Dennard and Elton Brand tell some great Coach K stories.

Oh and Jay Bilas. Because Bilas is a gifted talker - a gift that must really come in handy when he puts on his lawyer hat - almost everything he does is interesting. Here he really gets into how guys did their Coach K impressions (when K left the room that is), Coach K giving up swearing for Lent (it presented some difficulties) and how Krzyzewski’s mother, Emily, worked 23 hours and 57 minutes a day, owned one dress, and how she dealt with Chicago muggers.

We also hear Dennard trying to pitch Coach K on the idea that the only difference between him and Magic Johnson is playing time. Lots of fun stuff here.