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You Tube Gold: K’s Pitt Presser

You can glean a lot from this.

USA Men’s Practice
BARCELONA, SPAIN - JULY 23: Kobe Bryant #10 and Mike Krzyzewski Head Coach of the US Men’s Senior National team are talking during practice at Palau Sant Jordi Arena on July 23, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.
Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/NBAE via Getty Images

We should have probably linked this sooner and a lot of you no doubt have already seen it but this is Coach K’s post-Pitt press conference where he delved into the controversy over the Capel cheer, the death of Kobe Bryant, and how those two things led to a highly emotional game against the Panthers.

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, this is before he was aware that they were chanting for Capel to come sit with the Crazies. It was of course a very friendly thing to do and one that the Crazies have done quite often for former players or people they like and admire.

That was obviously an unfortunate misunderstanding, one which Coach K did his best to clear up. His comments about both Capel and Bryant were honest and moving and we’re sure that his meeting with his team was also highly emotional.

The blowup towards the Crazies has led to a lot of responses, including one from our contributor Scott Rich which will post this morning. We don't necessarily agree with him 100 percent but we do think that a bit of anarchy is good for the Crazies, Cameron and Duke basketball in general. However, we can’t argue with Coach K’s long point that taste and good behavior matter.

When he was making Good Morning Vietnam, the late Robin Williams said director Barry Levinson, rather than giving him strict guidelines, sort of set up some metaphorical cones with plenty of room in between them and just asked him not to go outside the cones. That struck us as a lovely way of having structure and freedom simultaneously and seems like a good goal for Cameron.

On another note, Coach K, we’re sorry to say, is quite wrong about going after a coach in the first half. We only need three words to prove this: “sweat, Gary, sweat!”

We could go into how the students used to infuriate Dean Smith and the bald caps and the fuel gauges on empty when Lefty Driesell came to town, but that’s a whole other rabbit hole.