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A Daily Feather For NCAA Pod Forecasting

Take a look at some good work from Brevity.

Indian peacock fanning his tail, Lombardy

It’s still a bit early for tournament talk but when has that ever stopped us? So here’s a look at some potential seeding and pod situations from brevity. Here’s an excerpt: “Let’s talk geographical preference.

“I was looking at what Joe Lunardi threw on the wall this week and noticed a real lack of interest in the Greensboro site. He has Duke (2 seed in the East) and West Virginia (3 seed in the West) as the two pod hosts. But if the Mountaineers had a choice, they would prefer Cleveland, which is about 150 miles closer. This made me wonder which first weekend sites are in the highest demand.

“Only the top 16 overall seeds on Selection Sunday would be assigned a pod, but to get a better picture I went with the top 20 in today’s Bracket Matrix. Here the closest sites per team (from home court to site arena, according to Google Maps).“

For more head over to the boards.

The Daily Feather is awarded to outstanding posts on our board. It’s named for late DBR contributor and legendary ACC journalist Al Featherston, who also read and contributed to the boards on a regular basis for many years and who is deeply missed by the DBR community.