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Two Games In, Zion Has Made An Impression

Somewhat like a Thanos fistprint in a Buick.

Denver Nuggets v New Orleans Pelicans
 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - JANUARY 24: Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans blocks the shot of Malik Beasley #25 of the Denver Nuggets during a NBA game at Smoothie King Center on January 24, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

As former Duke star Zion Williamson rises to NBA-level competition, it’s already clear that he belongs.

In his first game, against the Spurs, he became the first NBA rookie to ever go 4-4 on three pointers in his first game and tied the league record for most points in a quarter by a rookie (he hit 17).

He’s also currently shooting 75 percent from the floor and has scored 37 points in 39 minutes in his first two games.

Williamson is also the first player in NBA history to score 20 points, get seven rebounds and hit four threes in less than 20 minutes.

Against Denver, he even spent time guarding Denver’s Nikola Jokic, who is 7-0 and 284.

And we’d peg him at about 85 percent too. He needs to get his endurance back, but so far he looks just as dominant in the NBA as he did at Duke, which is just ridiculous and should be impossible.

But clearly it’s not.

Sunday poses an interesting challenge as Duke South, aka the Pelicans, takes on the Boston Celtics.

Among other things, it’s a first professional matchup between Brotherhood members Williamson (and Brandon Ingram, JJ Redick, Frank Jackson and Jahlil Okafor) on the one side and Celtic Jayson Tatum on the other.

Brad Stevens is as respected a mind as there is in the game and he’ll have some plans for Williamson we’re sure.

But it’s like Mike Tyson used to say, isn’t it? Everyone has a plan until they get hit.