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You Tube (Tarnished) Gold: Vitale, Greenberg & Ellis On The Kansas-Kansas State Disaster

It seems clear that the Kansas-K-State brawl at the end of Wednesday’s game is going to lead to serious fallout and probably very quickly.

Kansas State v Kansas
 LAWRENCE, KANSAS - JANUARY 21: Silvio De Sousa #22 of the Kansas Jayhawks picks up a chair during a brawl as the game against the Kansas State Wildcats ends at Allen Fieldhouse on January 21, 2020 in Lawrence, Kansas.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

If by any chance you missed it, Kansas and Kansas State had a nasty brawl at the end of their game Wednesday night.

If you did miss it, you’ll be hearing about it soon because it was bad: at the end of a Kansas blowout, a K-State player stole the ball and went in for a layup. Jayhawk Silvio DeSousa ran him down, blocked the shot and then stood over him and taunted him.

Chaos ensued with the fight spreading into the handicapped section and DeSousa picking up a chair and looking for someone to swing it at.

In this video, Dick Vitale, Seth Greenberg and LaPhonso Ellis talk about the brawl and what will, or at least what they believe should, happen.

And they’re pretty mad. Vitale thinks DeSousa should be banned for the rest of the season - minimally.

The hero of this situation, as far as there is one, is KU assistant Jerrance Howard, who swiftly disarmed DeSousa.

Fairly or not, DeSousa will be painted as the villain here. It’s in contrast to how he was treated when the NCAA suspended him after he was implicated in the Adidas/FBI scandals.

Check the news about mid-day. This will be dealt with, as Greenberg says, harshly. It’s an awful look for both schools, the Big 12 and the NCAA. It’s the sort of thing that will invite comment from the governor’s office.