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Wendell Moore Update

When will he be back?

Duke v Miami
 MIAMI, FLORIDA - JANUARY 04: Wendell Moore Jr. #0 of the Duke Blue Devils dribbles with the ball against the Miami Hurricanes during the first half at the Watsco Center on January 04, 2020 in Miami, Florida.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Here’s an update on Duke’s Wendell Moore, out since the end of the Miami game on

with a broken finger that required surgery.

On the weekly teleconference, Coach K told the News & Observer that “[w]e hope that in a few weeks, in February, he’ll be back with us. But he’s progressing well. He’s staying in good shape. Obviously he’s not doing anything with his right hand. But he is staying in shape.”

That’s good news. Duke’s defense, rebounding and versatility have been affected by Moore’s absence. When he comes back, he’ll make a huge difference for the Blue Devils.

And the best news right now is that he can run. As soon as his hand is solid, he can help on defense and the boards and the rotation.

We think that Duke would have won at least one of the games against Clemson and Louisville and possibly both. He’s that key for Duke.