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A Daily Feather For This Look At The ACC Race

Not going to be a vintage year for post-season play, but the ACC’s competitive nature is still supreme.

A male Indian peacock pictured displaying his tail feathers... Photo by Jorge Sanz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Jason Evans, who has done a great job with the DBR Podcast, weighs in with this look at the ACC race to date. Here’s an excerpt:

“So, where do we think various teams in the ACC stand in terms of making the dance?

“Obviously, Duke, FSU, and Louisville are all but locks. But can the league find any more bids? I think a fourth team will emerge almost because one has to. It is just super unlikely that no one else finds their way to 11 or 12 conference wins. I think any ACC team that finds it way to 12-8 or better will make the NCAA tourney but will 11-9 get it done in terms of a bid? Obviously, it depends on other factors such as non-conference games and how you get to 11-9 but I am somewhat skeptical because the league is so down. So, who has a shot at getting to 12 conference wins?”

For the rest, hit the link.