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DBR Podcast Episode 183: A Bad Week For Duke Basketball

We reflect on last week’s tough losses.

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NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t a great week for the Duke Blue Devils, and the podcast trio is back with Episode 183 to discuss what went wrong in the losses to the Clemson Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals. We preview this week’s game against the Miami Hurricanes and end with Player of the Week and Parting Shots.


  • 0:17 - Sam is back from his Asian travels
  • 3:29 - Thank you Byrd Campbell!
  • 3:37 - We start with breaking down the Clemson loss. Energy, missed layups, and an inefficient defense are what we focus on.
  • 13:56 - We continue our recap of a bad week with Louisville and how physical the game was
  • 22:09 - Byrd Campbell means business!
  • 22:37 - We preview Miami and break down what Duke needs to do to get back on track
  • 29:32 - Player of the Week isn’t fun this week, but the pick is unanimous
  • 32:18 - Parting Shots: Jason discusses the Gonzaga Bulldogs and stupid poll voters, Donald reflects on watching Steve Wojciechowski and the Marquette Golden Eagles, and Sam does a deep dive on former Duke players at Shooters
  • 43:55 - Jason has one final thought on UNC losing more games and its position in the NET
  • 46:16 - Programming note: we will be back midweek to recap the Miami game as well as Zion Williamson’s NBA debut with the New Orleans Pelicans!
  • 47:40 - Duke Band, take us home!