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A Daily Feather For this Miami Preview

More good work by DavidBenAkiva

Morocco, Marrakech, Peacock Displaying... Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

DavidBenAkiva has been doing some great stuff lately. Here’s another example: his solid preview of the Duke-Miami game this weekend. Here’s an excerpt about Miami’s front court:

“Up front, Miami boasts a big but not overly impressive group of post players. The lead F/C is 6’10” JR Sam Waardenburg, who hails from New Zealand. Waardenburg will take a couple of 3-point attempts and hits them at a decent rate. He is 7-20 from 2 on the season (35.0%). He’s more likely to attempt a layup or putback, though. Miami also trots out 7’0” SR Rodney Miller, Jr. and rugged 6’8” SR Keith Stone, a transfer from Florida. Freshman SF Anthony Walker (6’9” 210 lbs.) will also see some time on the floor in the 9-man rotation. The freshmen, Beverly, Walker, and Wong, have all been a net negative when they have been on the court so far this year but give some breathing time to the upperclassmen.”

To read more, hit the link above and head over to the boards.

The Daily Feather is awarded to outstanding posts on our board. It’s named for late DBR contributor Al Featherston, who also read and contributed to the boards on a regular basis for many years and who is deeply missed by the DBR community.