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You Tube Gold: Duke UNC, 1988 ACC Tournament

A stone cold classic game between Duke and UNC

Duke v Georgia Tech
ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 2: Danny Ferry #35 of Duke during the game against Georgia Tech on February 2, 1989 at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

The Duke-UNC rivalry has had some highly memorable games. We don't need to go down the list. Most fans of both schools know the classics. However, there are some that jacked the intensity of the rivalry up to incredible levels.

First there was the Art Heyman-Larry Brown dispute in Cameron. The game in Cameron years later when Dean Smith slapped the scorers table and added points on the scoreboard put Mike Krzyzewski in a rage. And the game where Gerald Henderson hit Tyler Hansbrough in the face, setting him up for oral surgery later, pushed UNC fans into apoplexy.

Still, the most intense game in the history of the rivalry may have been the 1988 meeting in the ACC Tournament.

UNC was still a powerhouse and Smith, who hadn't had meaningful competition for a few years, was ramping up to deal with young Krzyzewski. The Tar Heels were not ready to yield dominance to the Blue Devils.

Duke had won both regular season meetings. The Blue Devils went up against a UNC team with JR Reid, Scott Williams, Steve Bucknall, Kevin Madden and Jeff Lebo, and they didn't much like losing to Duke twice.

These teams really didn’t like each other. A fight didn't break out but this game was like a 15 round bout. It just kept going.

Bonus: this game may have featured Jay Bilas’ on-camera debut.

Spoiler alert for anyone who doesn't know: the Blue Devils won and T-shirts and bumper stickers soon proclaimed the season Duke’s Triple Crown. It was Duke’s first three game sweep of UNC since 1966.