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A Daily Feather For This Wake Forest Preview

More nice work from the boards

Peacock Enjoys In A Pleasant Weather In Noida
 NOIDA, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 8: A peacock seen enjoying in a pleasant weather at sector 94, on September 8, 2019 in Noida, India.
Photo by Sunil Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

A Daily Feather goes out to DavidBenAkiva for this look at the Duke-Wake Forest tiff Saturday night. An excerpt:

“One of these years, Danny Manning is going to get on the hot seat for his lackluster performance. I think it might be next year. Or maybe it will be the year after that? He has a guaranteed contract through the 2025 season and a monster buyout. It’ll take a lot of losing for Wake Forest to bite the bullet and terminate the coach. At just 8-6 overall and 1-3 in conference, Manning is doing his part to make the decision for the AD.“

For the whole thing, and for responses and discussion, head over to the boards.

The Daily Feather is awarded to outstanding posts on our board. It’s named for late DBR contributor and legendary ACC journalist Al Featherston, who also read and contributed to the boards on a regular basis for many years and who is deeply missed by the DBR community.