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Louisville’s New Court Looks Great

It’s a nice throwback

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Connecticut v Louisville
This was okay but the dunking Cardinal is cooler

As Louisville continues to move further from the Rick Pitino era, the program is understandably making changes.

When you have a tradition, it’s foolish not to focus on it so kudos to Louisville for bringing back the dunking Cardinal.

We normally prefer traditional courts and especially when a school has a great tradition. So we like Duke’s basic look - what more do you need to say when you’re Duke? - Kentucky’s block letters and UCLA’s simple look.

Usually when you do some big garish thing on the court it’s to draw attention to the fact that you, well, have no tradition.

There are exceptions to this of course. Kansas has a glorious tradition and puts a cartoon Jayhawk on the floor. But it works. Clemson does not have a glorious tradition but the big Tiger Paw is so clearly tied to Clemson athletics that it just works. It’s hard to imagine Littlejohn with anything else at midcourt.

So it is with Louisville. The dunking Cardinal just works - and it calls back to their tradition.

Now what we’d like to see is a rumble between the Jayhawk and the Cardinal. All’s fair in logos and war.

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