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Mike Dunleavy Gets A New Gig With The Golden State Warriors

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NCAA Final Four X Blake
Mike Dunleavy and Shane Battier doing what they did best, aggravating Steve Blake and Maryland

As we said during the run-up to the draft, it’s a lot better to be with a stable, well-run franchise than not.

By that standard, Mike Dunleavy, Jr. has done well. After retiring as a player (Magic Johnson predicted an NBA career for Dunleavy when he was about 12), Dunleavy became a scout for the Golden State Warriors.

Now he’s been promoted: he’s an assistant General Manager.

There was never much question about what Dunleavy would be doing with his life. He’s from a basketball family - his father, Mike Sr., played and coached in the NBA and his younger brother Baker played for Villanova and is currently an assistant at Quinnipiac (he also tremendously resembles his brother)

The interesting question now is where does Dunleavy go from here? He could certainly move on to another organization but for our money, if you’re going to have a job in the NBA, you should probably work for Golden State, San Antonio, Utah, Indiana, Boston, Miami, Houston or Portland (and lately New Orleans and the Clippers, which shockingly may now be a better managed franchise than the cross-town Lakers). Those franchises have intelligent ownership and disciplined management and if they have a few bad seasons they’ll start winning again.

Dunleavy’s in a great situation.

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