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You Tube Gold: Dennis Rodman Highlights

Rodman was strange but mostly he just wanted people to care about him.

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Dennis Rodman Celebrating Win
Dennis Rodman in his glory days with the Detroit Pistons

Dennis Rodman was - is - a strange and often troubled man. He had a difficult childhood, was homeless for a time as a young man, before finally becoming a solid player at Southeastern Oklahoma and finding his path.

He was drafted by Detroit in 1986 and built a solid career there. He spent a brief period in San Antonio, where his eccentricities became more evident and so were his troubles: while getting divorced and after father figure Chuck Daly left the Pistons, he attempted suicide in 1993. We’re not sure which team he was with at the time.

The Spurs traded him to the Bulls where he found that Phil Jackson didn’t care much about his odd behavior as long as he played hard, and he always did that.

Rodman was one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history - for his size, possibly the greatest - and was also a superb defender.

Our enduring memory of him is watching him grab rebounds and just toss the ball to a teammate like the world’s coolest savant.

His life since basketball has been difficult. He’s had weird experiences with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, whom he considers a friend, and if he hasn’t had serious problems with alcohol, you could have fooled us.

He’s a complex figure clearly and a unique athlete. No one has yet come along who is quite like him.

We hope he has found some peace and people who will help him heal.

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