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You Tube Gold: Slim Shaq

Once up on a time, Shaquille O’ Neal was lean and agile.

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Louisiana State University Tigers
 BATON ROUGE, LA- CIRCA 1990-92: Center Shaquille O’ Neal #33 of the Louisiana State Tigers puts up a jump shot at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana circa 1990-92.
Photos by Louisiana/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Not long ago, Kobe Bryant’s long-running argument with Shaquille O’Neal flared up again, with Bryant criticizing O’Neal for never really being in top flight shape with the Los Angeles Lakers.

O’Neal responded with his traditional jabs at Bryant. The shame of it was that they could have had an epic run of championships - if O’Neal had listened to Bryant.

The truth was he could have probably lost 50 lbs. and still been the most powerful guy in the NBA.

He was content to be overweight and he was great. But look back at this clip of him in college and imagine if he had been as fanatical about conditioning as Bryant was. What could he have done? How great could he have been?

It’s really a pity that we’ll never know just how good he would have been if he had gotten into truly great shape.

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