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You Tube Gold: Indiana’s Finest

The 1974 team might have been better but an injury cost the Hoosiers dearly

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Bobby Knight Being Walked Off in Jubilation
Indiana’s Quinn Buckner, Bob Knight and Scott May after the 1975 national championship

Bob Knight’s personality has unfortunately become his defining characteristic, or we should say the darker aspects of his personality because he does have many good qualities. He’s highly intelligent, compassionate, and though it’s hard to tell at times, cares about people.

He was also a revolutionary coach who changed the game forever with his motion offense.

This was never more perfectly expressed than in 1975 and 1976 when his teams lost one game. That was during 1974-75 when Scott May was injured.

In 1976, Knight led IU to the last undefeated championship season in college basketball.

And consider this: Larry Bird was recruited by Knight in 1974 but left after about a month, overwhelmed by the size and atmosphere of Indiana. Had he stuck around he would have been on that team. Quite honestly, we don't know how Knight would have taken to his game then with the 35 footers and the no-look passes and the rest, but we suspect he would have gotten used to it.

You can’t do better than undefeated but it’s fun to imagine.

Here’s the 1976 championship game against Michigan. This was a brilliant team and one of Knight’s high points as a coach.

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