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Candid Coaches On The NCAA Tournament

What’s wrong and what can be improved

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Central Florida v Duke
Last spring, Central Florida gave a perfect demonstration of how so-called mid-majors could compete with the power schools.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Every summer the guys over at run a Candid Coaches series. They deal with various issues, all anonymously,

This time it’s the NCAA tournament. There is a list of concerns and the one that got the most votes was mid-major discrimination.

We can see their point. We’re just not sure what to do about it. Clemson is mentioned as a team that could have been left out but they spent the year playing very tough ACC competition which inherently gives you an advantage as long as strength of schedule is factored in.

At some level that’s always going to be a judgment call.

If they really want to fix that, then the best way to do it, quite frankly, is to toss out most if not all of the current criteria and just hire retired coaches to seed the field.

If you put Dave Odom, Rick Byrd, Bobby Cremins, Rick Pitino and whoever else you decide to add and stick them in a room with minimal rules and ask them to pick the brackets, you’d get an honest bit of work and a solid field.

Those guys could cut through the muck. They’d be able to sort out the weaker teams and set up compelling matchup and scenarios. It would be a much better way of doing things.

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