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YouTube Gold: Wes Unseld

Truly one of the best and most unusual big men in NBA history

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Lakers v Bullets
WASHINGTON - UNDATED: Los Angeles Lakers’ center Kareem Abdul Jabbar #33 jumps and shoots against the Washington Bullets’ guard Wes Unseld #41 during a game at Capital Center circa the 1970’s in Washington, D.C.. 
Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

One of the underappreciated greats of the NBA has to be Wes Unseld. At just 6-7, Unseld backed down from no one, going toe to toe with giants like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Nate Thurmond. He was thick for his day at 245, and tenacious as hell, but his real genius was as an outlet passer.

Arguably the three best outlet passers in NBA history are Bill Russell, Kevin Love and Unseld. This is a long video with plenty of examples of one of the most unusual big men of all time.

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