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K In Napa For V Foundation Fundraiser

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North Carolina State University Wolfpack Men’s Basketball
Jim Valvano’s legacy lives on

One of Mike Krzyzewski’s least understood talents - and he has many - is time management.

This is a guy who could run two programs simultaneously with Duke and USA Basketball and win multiple championships in both simultaneously.

And it’s arguably four programs if you change the definition slightly to incorporate the Emily K Center and the V Foundation.

The Emily K Center has become a big success story in Durham and has helped a lot of young people to build solid lives.

And Coach K’s work with the V Foundation has also raised huge amounts of money and helped to fund cancer research. We’re now at the point where people can honestly say that at least theoretically, we can now see the end of all types of cancer. The advances in the last decade are astonishing and cause for celebration (the brilliant work done at Duke with the polio virus and brain tumors is just one example).

Krzyzewski hits Napa Valley every year for The V Foundation Wine Celebration, a major fundraiser. This year alone it raised seven million dollars.

The Napa Valley Register scored an interview with K about his work with the V Foundation and also his Duke career and the Brotherhood. Readers here will know that we admire his idiosyncratic logic and his unique ability to explain things in ways that are simultaneously unusual and crystal clear. There’s more of that here so it’s recommended reading.

Anyone who follows sports can see what he’s done with Duke and Team USA, and at least people who follow Duke or care about Durham understand that the Emily K Center has become something remarkable and that helps kids get to college and to achieve their dreams.

So if he’s done those three things so brilliantly, and simultaneously we might add, cancer is in for a major ass whoopin’.

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