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YouTube Gold: The 1942 Rose Bowl

The video isn’t in great shape but it’s still pretty great.

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Coach Wallace Wade
Duke legend Wallace Wade

One of the least known but most amazing parts of Duke is the Duke archives. It’s got a ton of stuff but from our point of view, nothing is more fun than the sports stuff. They have films of football and basketball games going back to roughly the 1930s.

They’ve got amazing stuff there including at least one stink bomb that will eventually come to light (trust us on that).

So anyway, among the treasures is a film of the 1942 Rose Bowl which was played at Duke on January 1, 1942, because the US had entered World War II on December 7th after the Japanese had bombed Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor.

It’s not in great shape and there’s no audio, but it’s still cool to see.

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