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An Odd Football Hustle From Wake Forest

Apparently Peahead Walker was anything but.

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Duke University Wallace Wade Stadium
Duke University Wallace Wade Stadium, home to Duke Football and site of the 1942 Rose Bowl, Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Independent Picture Service/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

This is pretty funny: back in 1947, when Wake Forest was still in Wake Forest, then-coach Peahead Walker used Duke’s West Campus to con a recruit.

He convinced him that West Campus was part of Wake and that the real Wake Forest was actually Wake Forest’s East Campus.

He took him by what’s now Wallace Wade and told him he would play there someday.

Which he did - but for Wake Forest, not for Duke.

Surprisingly, he stuck around and had an outstanding pro career after leaving Wake.

By then presumably he knew just how he’d been duped.

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