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ACC Network: This Is So Not Promising

When we said we liked DirecTV, we forgot about how much we hate their tech support.

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Here’s what happened when we tried to call to ask what channel the ACC Network would be on on DirecTV.

Immediately: 10 minutes on hold.

Then. Thank you for calling and I will help you to resolve your problem. You are calling to ask what channel NBC is on?


Oh ok. AT&T?

NO. ACC. Letter A. Letter C. Letter C. A.C.C.

Just a minute sir.

Ok I’m back. I can’t answer your question but I put a note in your file and we are aware of your concerns.

What? You can’t tell me the channel of a network that starts in TWO DAYS?

We will look into it sir.

Can I speak to someone else?

Unfortunately there is no one else at the moment. I will give you the number for our English service (!)

Is your manager there?

No sir, my manager is in a meeting. I will give you the number for our English service.

So we call the English service.

“Hey buddy, how’s it going?”

“Going okay. Just want to know where I’ll find the ACC Network.”

“You bet! Hang on.”


“Uh, I don't see anything about the ACC Network.”

“Seriously? It starts in like two days. Nothing?”

“Let me put you on hold...”


“We don't know when it will be put in a package. ESPN will decide and let us know.”

“I know it’s not your job, but how do you expect to promote it if you can’t tell people where to find it?”

“Again sir, that’s up to ESPN.”

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