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Another HS Star To Skip College

Is it a fad or a trend?

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2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 2
Everyone thinks they belong here but you have to be good enough and even then you have to earn it.

Another high schooler will skip college to prepare for the pros: MarJon Beauchamp, a 6-6 guard out of Washington State, will play his senior year and then start working with a trainer to get ready for the NBA.

It’s a risky move.

The guys who are playing in Australia will play a lot and against older guys. Beauchamp will work with celebrated trainer Frank Matrisciano, and he’ll be in superb shape and no doubt have done tons of work to improve his skills.

How much will he be able to play and against what level of competition? And if he’s injured, who treats him? There is no team doctor. There’s not even a team. How much will he play? Will he have insurance against a catastrophic injury?

It’s going to be hard to gauge his progress. Competition really pushes you forward and he won't get as much of that as he would in other situations. So wish him well, but reserve judgement.

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