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YouTube Gold: Bob Knight And The Media

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Bobby Knight
This is the Bob Knight many people think of but despite his many faults he’s not just a cartoon. By the way, the original 1979 caption lists both men here as “unidentified,” which might come as a surprised to Mike Krzyzewski, seated to Knight’s left, who would soon take the Duke job.
Photo by Barton Silverman/New York Times Co./Getty Images

Like most people, Bob Knight has a mix of good and bad qualities. On the downside, he’s always been difficult and bullies people, as the late Neil Reed made clear. He’s much more forgiving of his own flaws than he is of flaws he finds in others. He carries grudges for far too long and his temper can be a real problem.

On the plus side, he’s deeply loyal to people he is close to, he’s brilliant enough to have revolutionized basketball offense and when his players really and truly needed him, he was deeply selfless (see: Krzyzewski, Mike and Turner, Landon).

And he can at times be truly funny.

We’ve seen most of his antics with the media over the years, most of them surly. At times though, when he wasn’t just being hostile, he had some real fun and so did the reporters who at times like that constituted his audience.

Take this bit of improv with a crystal glass in response to what he perceived as a stupid question from a reporter. It really is pretty funny stuff.

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