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Zion’s Favorite Thing About the NBA So Far

Ok, maybe second favorite.

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New Orleans Pelicans New Players
Zion exultant

Everyone has talked about how Zion Williamson may have trouble adjusting to life in the NBA but he’s found something he likes a lot:

Better spacing.

Williamson: “(In the NBA), everybody can shoot. You can’t really help (defensively) too much, otherwise it’s an open three. I love the spacing. It’s almost like a dream come true for me. Because every time I attack the basket, there is space.”

And with JJ Redick, there is going to be a lot more.

And while we saw some of his passing ability at Duke, that will also help him to hit his open teammates.

People who saw him a lot last season know he’s a very complete player. NBA fans are about to learn it too.

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